Friday, January 3, 2014

Yoga Art, Birds of Prey, Magical Places. An Art Quilt

This morning, at the advice of my friend and fellow artist Kyra, I decided to put together an art quilt of (nearly) every painting I completed in 2013.   As I sat back to admire my handiwork I realized that I was looking at a map of the last 365 days of my life.

As with tendencies to reflect on certain periods in time there were paintings I felt terribly proud of, while others I could have done without.  My proudest moments displayed next to ideas gone flat.  They're all special in their own way though, and I love them all. 
There’s something else; something that brings me comfort.  My skill, my creativity, my technique has improved over the past year – I can see it; and as with anything we practice, if we keep at it long enough we’re sure to get better and better, right?
I look at Life the same way.  I’ve been at it for so long now, you’d think I’d have it mastered by now.  ;)
My resolution/goals for 2014 is to continue to explore my creative side.  I will likely always paint birds but I want to dig a bit deeper this year.  Challenge myself with more human forms and faraway lands.  I want to step outside of my comfort zone a bit and see what else I have to offer.  
Yoga paintings will still be a major focus for me this year, especially now that they're being sold at Downdog Boutique, a very cool one-stop-shop for anything and everything yoga.  I'd like to paint enough of these so that I can offer a 12 month calendar for next year - one image inspiring image per month.  I look forward to this.  
Here's to a wonderful year.  Thanks for being with me every step of the way :)

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Lynn Bonelli said...

You've had an amazing year by the looks of your quilt. What a great idea...looking back through the year in one image. I've yet to master this life as well, but it seems that the learning process, while sometimes painful, keeps us alive and hopefully 'in the moment'. I look forward to seeing what 2014 brings for you and what you bring for it...I have a feeling it will be wonderful.